Winter Cycling Training | Wim Hof Method

I am bike guide. Our first advanced bike holidays start in May and they are tough rides including, for instance, Grossglockner and Stelvio passes. Very often our clients come from warm places like California or Australia. There, they can train all winter long and they come very prepared to the starting line. So I really need to train in winter but I find it very difficult. I really struggle cycling in the cold. After just an hour, my hands and feet would go numb and I would often get sick.

Finally I found a way to get stronger thanks to the Wim Hof method. Here is how I implement it:

 - Breathing
 - Outdoor meditation
 - Hands and feet exposure in ice water
 - Bare-chested running or hiking
 - Full body immersions in ice water
 - Wearing a layer less of clothes for some time during the day

So thanks to this I became friend with the cold. I enjoy training in winter much more now. Maybe my body is just a little bit stronger than when I started but for sure my mind has made a giant leap toward acceptance of cold.

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This video has the only purpose to inspire people.  It is based on my physical conditions and perceptions. I strongly recommend to sign up for an official WHM workshop or do an online one. Also, have a talk with your Doc before jumping in ice water.

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